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what is

CICUU is a global company established in 2006 and have presence in many countries.
CICUU company owns, manages and operate ( which is considered one of the largest International Electronic Marketplaces worldwide for both exporting and importing countries. It connects traders with global whole sellers, buyers, importers & exporters, manufacturers and distributors in over 240 countries, quickly and cost effectively. Based on its unique services, powerful search engine, trade matching and product promoting tools.

CICUU have successfully helped numerous members belonging to various countries to explore potential business for the purpose of increasing their country’s GDP. Millions of people visits every month and tens of millions pages viewed without any single fail. These numbers corroborate with the veracity of the claim that can give an extraordinary exposure to traders in the global market.
CICUU is the world's first B2B marketplace that earned both ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 27001 Information Security System certifications to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, security and safe online trading for exporters and importers.

Customer Loyalty
We go beyond customer satisfaction to earn customer loyalty.

Our employees are expected to maintain high standard of integrity and honor their professional commitments.

Team Work
We believe in each other and aim for one shared goal.

We should be flexible, quick to respond and adapt to fast changing business environment.

We must find new and betters ways to make doing business smartly.

Continuous Improvement
Our today should be better than yesterday.

Learning Culture
Creating a learning culture by providing our associates opportunities to learn and grow.

Care, progress and development of employees and the society
We care and strive for the well being of our employees and the society believes that there are unlimited opportunities to grow in the e-business industry not only for the company itself, but for the employees also as they grow with the expansion of the business. As e-business, specifically B2B, is in an emerging phase, there has been scarcity of resources that have experience, knowledge and skills to play a pivotal role in the development of this industry. To address this challenge, has designed and implemented unique and unconventional strategy and performance management system known as the Grow Unlimited Program (GUP).

The Grow Unlimited Program (GUP) identifies, appraises, recognizes and develops performance of its employees in order to meet business objectives. Unlike other conventional performance management systems, GUP gives growth of employees in their own hands and they can choose the pace of their own career development. This is achieved by pre-defined performance criteria and promotions based on performance. This program handles the promotions of employees through a pointing system. Employees earn points every quarter based on their performance and as soon as an employee accumulates certain level of points, he becomes eligible for a promotion.

The faster he accumulates the points, the faster he can grow. He can be promoted as fast as in three months time! So GUP basically makes time irrelevant and emphasizes more on performance. Employees don’t have to wait for annual appraisals and they know when their promotion is due. This doesn’t mean that they don’t get annual appraisals. Annual appraisal exercise is also conducted in addition to their normal promotions. Salary of many employees has increased by 3 times or more within a year since the inception of this program.

GUP ensures that employees are equipped with all the required set of skills and knowledge to perform their jobs and it makes it mandatory for employees to attend certain trainings in order to be eligible for a has its own in house training facility and it also offers external training opportunities to its employees.

To appreciate and recognize good performance, quarterly and annual bonuses are given to employees in addition to many other benefits offered by the company.

As there are not many experts of e-business industry, GUP emphasizes on the development of e-business experts by defining an incentivized expert growth ladder that gives employees opportunity to become expert of any e-business field and be a part of the management and the decision making process. The GUP benefits administration system makes their life luxurious and provides them facilities that were conventionally offered to C levels employees only.

All in all, GUP makes a perfect place to work for all those who are creative, talented, and smart, and have the passion to bring positive changes in the e-business industry.

Following are some of the HR practices related to employees’ engagement and satisfaction implemented at

Open Door Policy
Purpose of this policy is to encourage openness and clear communication, and remove the barrier between the management and the employees so that every employee gets an opportunity to contribute by identifying and communicating areas that need improvement, directly to the top management, when required.

YOUR HR is an informal and interactive forum that gives employees an opportunity to share their concerns with the HR people and get all the issues resolved in time.

Tell the CEO Program
This program gives employees direct access to the CEO so that they can share their suggestions and ideas for improvement. The CEO of himself reviews the short listed suggestions, gives direction for the implementation of the approved ones and appreciates and rewards the employees for their valuable contribution.

Help Desk 313
Helpdesk313 is a dedicated service to facilitate employees by ensuring quick response on their queries, requirements, complaints and/or support required for performing their official duties.

Grievance Handling Mechanism is committed to provide productive, ethical & values based work environment. The company does not tolerate discrimination, harassment or victimization in the workplace and ensures all complaints of such behaviors are fairly treated and investigated. To provide and maintain the best possible & satisfactory working conditions for all the employees and to improve cooperative, moral and harmonious relationships among all the staff, the company has implemented a Grievance Handling Mechanism. strongly believes that the growth of employees is basically the growth of the company. That is why it puts a lot of focus and resources on the well being of its employees.'s HR Philosophy is that people are not the asset of the company, but the right people are. Once they are identified, the company should partner with them and make their wish, company's wish. This is one of the reasons prefers to call all employees its associates. offers a wide range of benefits to its associates, keeping its HR philosophy in mind. Following is the details of some of these benefits:
Health and Wellness
• Medical Insurance (for all eligible family members)
• Life Insurance
• OPD Coverage (for all eligible family members)
Financial Benefits
• Performance based Annual Bonus (up to 10 gross salaries!)
• Performance based Quarterly Bonuses
• Provident Fund
• Associate Referral Program
• Mobile Phone Monthly Credit
• Subsidized Lunch Program
• Possibility of more than 1 salary increments in a year (up to 5 increments possible!)
Paid Leaves
• Annual Leaves (up to 20 leaves in a year)
• Sick Leaves
• Casual Leaves
• Paternity / Maternity Leaves etc

* These benefits vary depending upon employment status’s Benefit Portal
As the associates of prove their potential and grow, they get some points using which they can avail numerous benefits that help them improve their lifestyle. These benefits are hundreds in number and cover various categories such as Foreign Trips, Automotives, Home Appliances, Smart Phones, Computers and Accessories, Furniture, Sports & Fitness, and Dining etc.
Some Other Position Based Benefits
• 1300 cc Car
• Laptops & iPhones
• Internet Routers etc Premium Membership provides businesses an amazing online trading experience, backed with proven online marketing techniques and professional consultancy.

By choosing our Premium Membership, businesses can gain the buyer’s trust required for doing business online and increase chances to be reached by genuine buyers looking for products and services.

With Premium Membership, exclusive benefits including the following ones can be availed:

With Premium Membership you can avail exclusive benefits including:

• Premium Exposure of selling products in targeted buyer
• Top Priority listing in relevant buyer searches
• Expert supplier to buyer Match Making services
• High Quality and Genuine Sales Inquiries
• 24/7 Worldwide Advertisement of Products and more
• Unique verified suppliers logo which helps businesses to gain   buyers’ trust
Types of Premium Membership Premium memberships are mainly categorized in two segments, SilverKey and GoldKey. Each type of membership is designed to address the specific online trading needs of a certain business.

GoldKey Membership – Virtual Marketing Department
GoldKey Membership (GK) allows businesses to become the most powerful trader online. It enables them to offload their Online Marketing activities to

GoldKey Membership helps to expand business more efficiently through extensive online advertisements and promotions. As a GoldKey Member of, businesses will get maximum genuine buyer inquiries which will increases probability of closing more business deals.

Key Highlights of GoldKey Membership:
• Genuine Buyer Inquiries
• Dedicated Marketing Team
• Exclusive Access to Buyers
• Extensive Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
• State of the art Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Free Consultation from Industry Experts and more


SilverKey Membership
SilverKey Membership is a pass to explore the potential of International Trade. It helps businesses expand their business proficiently through our state of the art priority listing and search ranking services. As a SilverKey Member of, businesses will get rights to contact with global buyer to promote business and perform professional networking in buyers community.

• With SilverKey, the following benefits can be availed:
• Online Showroom of products
• Premium Priority listing
• Significant Level of Trust
• Verified supplier status and more Reseller Program provides a unique opportunity for businesses across the world to make full advantage of their business network. By referring manufactures, exporters, wholesalers and other small and medium enterprises to Premium Services, business owners can take full advantage of earning high commissions from

Our Reseller Program helps them develop their own successful, profitable business. business affiliate programs offer diverse business development opportunities to generate revenue for every premium member that has been referred from commercial or non-commercial channel(s). Our affiliate program will facilitate with all the support, banners, content, newsletters and text links that are needed to attract visitor and get them registered as premium members. We have variety of ads that can be used to drive visitors, transactions and other activities which can be monitored efficiently through these ads.
International trade shows and consumer exhibitions have emerged as the most effective medium for both manufacturers as well as service providers to connect with the buyers and understand their needs and wants.

They offer unique opportunities of market intelligence, providing market trends and future business opportunities. These trade shows and exhibitions have now become the perfect platform to launch new products, introduce new schemes and attract customer attention. is the world's fastest growing online B2B marketplace, not only in terms of various conventional factors but also because of its strong and lasting orientation towards Fair Competition, ultimately helping the growth of B2B industry.

Through its policies, acts and approach towards business, inculcates and supports fair competition in all the aspects of business society including support towards upcoming business models, price competition, quality management, and services; and condemns the abuse of monopoly powers, competitor bashing, predatory pricing, etc.

The reason supports fair competition is the realization that such fair competition is the key to growth and competitiveness of the Internet economy. Indeed, fair competition has proven to attract investments, lead to the development of high-tech services/business opportunities, and create high value added employment opportunities. Also, through fair competition aims to provide consumers with a wider choice of services, distinction through superior customer services, and higher value proposition.

To support fair competition has taken some major steps including foundation of Women Business Incubation Center to provide a platform to women who have the drive to excel in the field of e-business.

At the same time, strongly condemns the unfair competition and unethical business practices and focuses on the eradication of unfair business and trade practices such as business conspiracy, violation of contracts, breach of fiduciary duty, misappropriation of trade secrets and other proprietary information, fraud and other unfair business practices that are inappropriate by ethics and illegal by law. continues to take steps to stop unfair competition which includes

• Strong measures to stop scammers from misrepresenting and other reputable B2B portals through illegal and unethical practices

• Preventing trading of fake and replica products, services; and brands with intellectual property rights and completely swapping out the companies infringing these intellectual property rights


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